Premium Pineapple

Premium pineapple from our plantation in Sumatra, Indonesia

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Giant Pineapple (GGP), we trace our roots back to Indonesia.

What sets GGP apart is our fully integrated operation, where we are involved from the development of improved seed varieties, through cultivation, harvesting, processing and packaging, to final shipment of the finished product.

Our pineapples are processed just after harvesting, and on average, are never in a holding bin for longer than 3 hours – a claim no other pineapple producer can make. The entire process, from holding bin to sterilization, takes only one hour – capturing the fruit at its prime, and retaining its freshness through canning.

We manufacture our own cans in a variety of sizes to suit different requirements, ranging from 8 oz. cans to 55 gallon steel drums.

Our products have been awarded ISO 14000 and SA 8000 certification, and the 2004 award from Kehati, one of Indonesia’s foremost environmental organizations, further validates our sustainable efforts in going green.

Our pineapples are processed just after harvesting and the entire process is completed within 1 hour to guarantee freshness– a claim no other pineapple producer can make.